Clothing Website Template

July 5, 2011

A clothing website template is a sample template showing the design, layout and contents of a clothing website. The website should contain details about the origin and founders of the clothing store should display attractive pictures of brand ambassadors who are promoting the clothing store and should also list the various kinds of garments available in the store. The locations of the store should also be listed in the site

Sample clothing website template:

Name of the website: _________________ [With a Logo]
_________________________________ [About the clothing store in a few lines]
[Put attractive images with the clothing worn by popular personalities]
About us
_________________________________ [Write about the founders and uniqueness of the store]
Type of garments
[Show sample pictures and describe in a few lines about the quality and price ranges of each]
Bridal:               _______________________________________________________
Traditional: _______________________________________________________
Party Wear:        _______________________________________________________
Fashion Tips
1.    __________________________________________________
[Put images of the showrooms]
Address:    _____________________________________________
Phone:               _____________________________________________
Email id:    _____________________________________________
Feedback:  _____________________________________________
Register a complaint:   _____________________________________

Download Clothing Website Template in Word Format

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