Limousine Service Website Template

July 5, 2011

A Limousine service website template is a ready to use formal document that could be used to create a website for limousine services provider. The template shows those fields that are related with limo services and customer requirements.

Sample Limousine Service Website Template

Title of website_______________
Catch Line___________________
Introduction of website_______________
Insert an Image here_____________________
Site map_____________
Click on below links to know more about the website: — (this section provides the list of website pages and links).
About US
Owners and executives
Image gallery
Contact US
Click below to make a user account and get register on the site_________________
Click to see our rates and charges ____________________
Our Schedule__________________
Click to view our service packages________________
Click to view our special wedding package_________________
Click below to take a tour of our site___________________
Click here to see our vintage car section__________________
Click here to give us your feedback______________
Click below to make online booking_______________

Download Limousine Service Website Template in Word Format

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