Mobile Phones Website Template

July 4, 2011

A mobile phones website template is a design created to guide the formulation and framing of a mobile phones website. It must include the display of available models and their price range. Their features must also be provided. All the information must be accurate and upgraded periodically.

Sample Mobile Phones Website Template:

Name: _____________________________________ [Name of mobile phone company]
Ranges currently available: _______________________________ [Provide an estimate of the number of models available on the website]
Select a model form the list below: ______________________________________ [Provide a list of models manufactured by the company. On selection, the models features and price range are displayed]
Prices start from ___________________________________________ [Provide the starting range of prices]
Discounts offered on purchase from this website: ______________________________ [Enlist the discounts offered on marked price if purchase in made online]
Mode of payment: __________________________________ [Provide an informative account of how payment is to be made, whether through credit card or cash on delivery system]
Contact number for more details: ________________________ [Provide a contact number]

Download Mobile Phones Website Template in Word Format

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