Cosmetic Products Website Template

July 4, 2011

A cosmetic products website template is a layout for a cosmetic products website which advertises the various products, their prices, ingredients and effects. The website must be informative and attractive and must also have provisions of online purchase for the ease of customers.

Sample Cosmetic Products Website Template:

Name: _________________________________ [Name of cosmetic products company]
Website developed by: _______________________________ [Name the person(s) who conceptualized the cosmetic products website]
Our prices start from: ________________________________ [Mention the starting price range]
Our range includes: _____________________________________ [Mention the various products offered by the cosmetic brand like lip glosses, eyeliners etc.]
Facility of online purchase: ____________________________ [Enumerate the online purchase system]
Mode of payment: ____________________________ [Clearly explain the mode of payment in case of online purchase]
Our products and their quality: ____________________________________ [Mention clearly the ingredients utilized in the cosmetic products, their naturalness and how they eschew chemical processes. Stress on the benefits of the products]
Contact number: _________________________________ [Provide a valid contact number]

Download Cosmetic Products Website Template in Word Format

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