Automobile Website Template

July 4, 2011

An automobile website template is a layout for the designing of an automobile website, which advertises the various cars and other vehicles offered by an automobile company. The website must have dazzling pictures of the models to attract immediate attention. The information must also not be overlooked and the website must be comprehensive and easy to navigate.

Sample Automobile Website Template:

Name: ______________________________________________ [Name of the automobile company whose website is to be designed]
A general overview: _____________________________________________________ [Provide a brief introduction to the company’s policies, its products, its clientele and ethical and business norms]
Some of the latest models we are on the verge of launching:
•    Model 1: _________________________ price: _________________________ premium features: ___________________________
•    Model 2: _________________________ price: _________________________ premium: features ____________________________
•    Model 3: _________________________ price: _________________________ premium features: _______________________
[Provide a detailed analysis of the latest models, their prices and their chief attractions]
Contact for test drives and more information: ________________________________ [Provide a valid contact number]

Download Automobile Website Template in Word Format

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