Quiz Website Template

July 4, 2011

Quiz website template is the layout of that kind of website, which represents quiz on various topic and conduct daily online quiz contest where one can compete with participants across the globe.

Sample Quiz Website Template

Name of the quiz website ____________________________________
Click on the quiz below you are interested in: [this section must contain quiz on various areas, which one has to select according to their interest]
•    Cricket quiz
•    History quiz
•    Science quiz
•    Geography quiz
•    World quiz
•    Mathematics quiz
•    Computer quiz
•    Miscellaneous    [ this option contains combination of quiz questions on various  matter]
Play daily quiz to win the following prizes:
•    Prize for first position _________________________
•    Prize for second position _________________________
•    Prize for third position _________________________
You can register yourself with this website for getting subscription on various newly uploaded quizzes.
Register Details:
Name of the person _______________
Email id __________________________

Download Quiz Website Template in Word Format

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