Consulting Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

A consulting agreement is a legal, binding document or bond between the consultant and his/her customer. It must be carried out or signed before starting any kind of work. Therefore a consulting agreement template must represent a consulting agreement in details.

Sample Consulting Agreement Template

Agreement number ___________________

This Consulting Agreement has been signed between

Mr________________ [Name of Consultant]

_____________________ [Address of the consultant]

______________________ [Contact number]


_______________________ [Name of company]

_______________________ [Address of the consultant]

_______________________ [Contact number]

This consulting agreement has been signed on _________________ [date of agreement].

The validity of this agreement is from ______________ to ____________ [starting and termination date of agreement]

Terms of the agreement

The Consultant___________ [name] must be on hand and shall offer to the Company ___________[name] expert consulting services in the field of  _____________[mention the field] as requested or required by the company.

The company shall have to pay the consultant an amount of $ ___________ per hour of consultancy service offered by him/her.

Acceptance by both parties

Signature of the consultant ________________________          Date____________

Signature of the company official _________________________ Date___________

Download Consulting Agreement Template In Word Format

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