Technology Assessment Template

June 1, 2011

Assessment date _____ dd/mm.yyy[date of assessing]

Reference no___________ [number of reference]

Name __________________ [name of the firm]

Address _______________________ [address of the firm]

The following guidelines outline the technology requirements with improvements needed in the firm:-

Activity being assessed ____________ [activity under scrutiny]

People working in it _______________ [name of people involved]

Devices in use _______________ [devices needed]

What is the main problem with regards to technology? ____________________________ [main deficiency technology wise]

What sort of an upgrade is needed? Why? ___________________________________________ [type of enhancement needed]

Response of the activity to new products and softwares _____________ [the way the activity has improved due to the use of new technology]

Measures to be taken _______________ [steps needed for improvement]

The above appraisal has been read as well as approved by _____________________ [signature of the person]

Download Technology Assessment Template In Word Format

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