Fire Risk Assessment Template

June 1, 2011

Assessment date _____dd/mm/yyyy___ [date of assessing]

Reference no __________ [number of reference]

Created by _____________ [name of the fire department]

Name of firm _____________ [name of the firm where the appraisal is being done]

The following guidelines outline the risks of fire in various places of the firm:-

Name of activity ______________ [activity name at the firm]

Fire risk involved _________________ [state the main risk of fire]

People who are involved ___________________ [people working at the particular area]

Measures of fire safety to be taken __________________ [fire safety measures]

Risk factor _______________ [rate the risk on a scale of 5]

The above assessment has been verified by ___________________ [name of the assessor with sign]

Download Fire Risk Assessment Template In Word Format

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