Training Performance Assessment Template

June 1, 2011

Reference number ___________ [number for reference]

Name ___________ [name of the institute]

Address ____________ [address of the same]

Date of appraisal ___dd/mm/yyyy_ [appraisal date]

The following points outline the assessment details:-

Name of the training course ____________ [mention the name of the course]

Name of the trainee ___________ [trainee’s name]

How was the trainee’s class interaction during training?

a. Good

b. bad

c. average [tick the apt choice]

How was his relation with other team members while doing a project related to training? __________________ [mention his interpersonal skills]

How efficient he was in carrying out assignments? _______________

How many times he had received complains during his entire training period?


Rate him on a scale of ten _________ [rate his overall performance 0-10]

The above appraisal has been signed and read by ______________ [signature of the assessor and name]

Download Training Performance Assessment Template In Word Format

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