Needs Assessment Template

June 1, 2011

Date of assessment ____________________ [ mention the date in dd/mm/yy format of the assessment date]

Reference number______________ [number of reference]

Name _________________ [name of the company]

Address ______________ [address of the same]

The following guidelines outline the needs and requirements of the firm:-

Activity name ____________ [name of a task]

People working ___________ [people involved in it]

Cost effectiveness ____________ [cost efficiency of the task]

Strengths of the task ________________ [benefits of the task]

Legal pressures if any ________________ [any legal problems of the task]

Main problem or deficiency ____________ [main problem of the task]

Measures taken ___________ [mention the steps to be taken to overcome the problem]

The above needs assessment has been verified and read by _______________ [signature of assessor with full name]

Download Needs Assessment Template In Word Format

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