School Brochure Template

June 3, 2011

Logo: __________________ [logo of the school brand]

Name of the school: _____________ [initial information is to be provided about the school]

Image: ___________________ [an interactive image is printed according to the purpose]

________________________ [an overview is printed for specifying the school history and criteria. This introduction helps the reader to understand the capability and efficiency of the staff.]

Offered educational services and standards: _____________________ [a proper briefing is given in order to attract the attention of the readers]

Benefits: ________________ [here, the school authority differentiate how they offer better educational package in comparison with the competitors.]

How to join us: _________________________ [the procedure and student eligibility is mentioned here]

Contact us:

Address: ______________

Phone number: _________

Fax number: ___________

E-mail id: _____________

URL: _________________ [contact details are filled to help the interested students]

Download School Brochure Template in Word Format

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