Company Brochure Template

June 3, 2011

Company logo: __________________________

Name of the company: _____________________ [basic information about the company]


History: _________________________

About us: _______________________ [this field consists of company profile information to provide an overview to the reader]

Products & services: __________________________ [in this section, an introduction of the products and services is mentioned to invite the potential clients]

Awards: __________________ [this section demonstrates the efficiency and eligibility of a company]

How we work: _____________________ [here, a brief introduction of working criteria is given]

FAQ: _______________ [this brochure part consists of a number of necessary question/ answers]

Contact us: ________________ [in this section, phone numbers, mobile numbers, customer care contact numbers, faxes, address e-mail id and website of the company is mentioned]

Download Company Brochure Template in Word Format

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