Love Email Template

June 17, 2011

A love email template is the format in which we write an email to our boyfriend or girlfriend or to the person we love in order to express our love for that person. Though there is no specific format that we have to keep in mind while writing such an email as it is a casual email, we need to make sure that we use romantic words.

Sample Love Email Template

To: ___________ [name of the recipient]

____________ [email id of the recipient]

Dear ______________ [name of the recipient],

It is always an amazing feeling whenever I think that you are part of my life. I love you every moment of my life and can feel you in every breath. I cannot imagine living without you and love you more than anything in this world___________________ [body of the letter expressing your love]

Your loving ______________ [boyfriend or girlfriend],

_____________________ [name of the sender].


Download Love Email Template Word Format

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