Clothes Label Template

June 21, 2011

Clothes label template is the format in which the label of a cloth or a garment has to be designed. These types of templates contain various information like price of the cloth, the material it is made from, name of the manufacturing company, washing instructions, price and others. These templates can be used for wide variety of clothes ranging from raw materials to readymade garments.

Sample Clothes Label Template

________________ [bar code]

_____________ [bar code number]

___________________________ [name of the company manufacturing the clothes]

______________ [purchase price of the clothes]

Maximum retail price inclusive of all taxes

___________________ [code number of the product]

________________ [serial number of the product]

____________________ [material with which the product is made of]

Date of manufacture: __________________ [date in dd/mm/yy format]

Color: _____________ [the color of the cloth]

Washing instructions: Wash with cold water. Don’t wash with hot water and don’t iron.

Manufactured at:

____________________ [street address] ______________ [name of the city]

_____________ [state name] ______________ [postal code]

Download Clothes Label Template in Word Format



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