International shipping Label Template

June 21, 2011

An international shipping label template is the format in which a label of a container should be designed which is used to ship goods to a foreign country. The details mentioned on the label are the name of the country to which the goods is being shipped. The other details mentioned in the label include the content of the container, the date of shipping it and the weight of the container.

Sample International shipping Label Template

___________________ [logo of the cargo company]

____________________ [name of the cargo company]


___________________ [name of the recipient of the cargo]

_________________ [street address of office]

_______________ [city name] ________________ [state name] ___________ [postal code]

[Address of the recipient]

Telephone number: __________________

The container contains ________________________ [details of the content in the container]

Net weight: ______________ [total weight of the good being shipped]


___________________ [name of the sender]

_________________ [street address of office]

_______________ [city name] ________________ [state name] ___________ [postal code]

[Address of the sender]

Download International shipping Label Template in Word Format

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