Friendship Letter Template

June 22, 2011

A friendship letter template is the format in which an individual write a letter to his friend expressing the friendship and bonding between the two and how much he values the friendship. The letter should have the name of the friend and should be written in such a manner so that it evokes the feeling of friendship.

Sample Friendship Letter Template

Dear _______________ [name of the friend],

It has been one year since you have left for your higher studies to _____________ [name of the city]. I am missing you badly and also missing the fun moments we had together. It is very difficult to imagine life without a friend like you beside me.

I hope everything is fine at your end and you are missing your friend too. I also wish that you would come over here during your summer vacation. Do stay in touch and take care.

Your best friend,

_____________________ [name of the sender]


Download Friendship Letter Template in Word Format

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