Staff Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Various companies provide staff manuals to the employees inorder to make them understand their role more precisely and accurately. Hence, a staff manual template should be constructed efficiently and comprehensively so that the employees could get a clear idea about their job role.

Sample Staff Manual Template

Name of the company ______________________________

Staff manual designed for _______________________ [mention the job position of staffs for whom the manual is being designed]

Introduction page _________________________________ [a company should give a brief introduction to present it in front of its staff]

Contents _____________________ [list the name of the topics so that the readers finds it easy to trace the exact one]

Understanding the job __________________________ [give the detailed overview of the job]

How to work as a support staff _______________________

Process of handling man management ________________________

Steps to follow for personal grooming and improving the behavioral action on the work place _______________________________

Knowledge on staff security___________________

Download Staff Manual Template in Word Format

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