Orientations Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Orientations manual are also known as introductory manuals, which introduce a person to a new place or program and help to navigate through it. Thus, orientations manual template is to be designed in a way that they should effectively accustom a person to an unknown place or program.

Sample orientations manual template

Name of the company ______________________________

Company mission statement ___________________________________

About us ___________________________ [detailed overview of the company including its work, achievements, current status in the market etc]

List of topic to be discuss ahead _____________________________________________________ [index]

List of existing employees along with their phone number and designation ___________________ [this section is for reference of the new comers]

Latest annual report ________________________________ [In this section give a glance of latest annual reports so that a new comer could understand where does the company stands]

Upcoming plans of the company ______________ [in this section the company must give a clear idea about its plan to the newcomers]

Download Orientations Manual Template in Word Format

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