Sales Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A Sales manual template outlines the manual that is being provided to the sales representatives to understand the function of the particular department and how to regulate the sales of the company’s product or service in the specific market.

Sample Sales Manual Template

Company’s name ________________________________________

Established in _____________________ [year]

Index: [list the topics accordingly]


Understand the business ______________________________________ [detailed overview about the entire business]

Process of conducting thorough market analysis to understand the sales competition


Tips and tricks to produce new business plans for increasing the sales _______________________________________________________________

Strategies to increase contacts in the market and networking   ____________________________________

Idea about various sales tools and process of implementing it efficiently at the time of need __________________________________

Methods to implement for assessing the market and understanding the customer base _________________________________________

Sales skills to adapt for improving the sales process of the company _________________________________

List of effective sales strategies and its terminology ____________________________

Download Sales Manual Template in Word Format

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