Department Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A Department manual template outlines the manual that is being provided to the employees of individual department of an organization. This kind of manuals aware the employees regarding the function of a particular department, clears various doubts and helps an individual to improve by understanding his role for that department more efficiently.

Sample Department Manual Template

Name of the company ________________________________

Established in ___________________ [year]

About us ______________________ [a brief introduction of the company]

Name of the department ____________________ [name the department whose manual is being prepared]

Work process of the particular department ___________________________________

List the job positions of this particular department along with each of their role briefly: [this section helps the employee to understand his job role according to the position]

_____________ [job position 1]

______________ [activity to accomplish for job position 1]

_____________ [job position 2]

______________ [activity to accomplish for job position 2]

_____________ [job position 3]

______________ [activity to accomplish for job position 3]

Download Department Manual Template in Word Format

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