Business Memorandum Template

June 24, 2011

A business memorandum template is a guide for those wanting to find out about the layout and format of such a document.  A business memorandum is an official communication tool that is used in the field of business.  It is an official document with immense importance. A business memorandum should be well written.  It is an official way of communicating with management, subordinate staff or work colleagues about an official matter.  It can be an effective way of communicating with many staff members.  A business memo should not include any personal information. Many companies use them.

Sample Business Memorandum Template


To: _______________________ (this indicates the person the memo is written to)

From: _____________________ (this indicates the person who wrote the memo)

Date: ______________________ (this indicates exactly when the memo was written)

Re: ________________________ (this indicates the purpose or reason for the memo)

Company name: ________________________ Logo: ________________________

Tel no: _______________________________ Email: _______________________

Memorandum text_________________________________________

Download Business Memorandum Template in Word Format


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