Elegant Memo Template

June 24, 2011

An elegant memo template is a useful and effective way of communicating.  There are many instances where an elegant memo can be used to convey an important message.  This elegant memo template can be used to come up with your own memo.  It is used by companies, institutions and organizations.

Sample Elegant memo Template

Elegant memo template

To: ________________ (indicate who the memo is written to here.)

From: ______________ (indicate who the memo is from here.)

Date: ______________ (indicate when the memo was written here.)

Re: ________________ (indicate the purpose or subject of the memo here.)


You can be as specific or as general as you need to be in a memo.  An elegant memo template offers you the choice of using fancy writing and elegant designs.  These choices enable your memo to stand out.  You can use different types of font, colors and design in order to give your elegant memo a unique look.

Download Elegant Memo Template in Word Format


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