Business Memo Template

June 24, 2011

A business memo template is a guide on the format and layout used in this official document.  A business memo is used as a tool of communication.  It is an effective and efficient way of communicating in an official capacity within an organization or company.  It is a vital document.

Sample Business Memo Template

Company name: ________________________ Company logo: _________________

Address: ______________________________ Zip code: _____________________

State: _________________________________ Location: _____________________

Tel no: ________________________________ Mob no: ______________________

Fax no: _______________________________ Email address: _________________


To: _______________ (you should indicate who the memo is addressed to, its recipient.)

From: _____________ (you should indicate who has written the memo, its writer.)

Date: ______________ (it is important to indicate when the memo was written.)

Re: ________________ (indicate the subject matter or purpose of writing the memo)


It is important to write this business memo in an accurate and concise way.  The business memo should be easy to understand.

Download Business Memo Template in Word Format


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