Credit Memo Template

June 24, 2011

Credit Memos are used in the correction of an error that is made during the drafting of a sales invoice and which has already been sent to a customer. It is basically an invoice that has a negative amount. It is strictly used in cases where there has an error and you need to credit your clients invoice. It has   a header, body and footer.

Sample Credit Memo Template

Credit Memo

Tempi Electronics Limited

P.O. Box 345 Sydney 2003, NSW, Australia

Tel: (064) 64554 8744 Fax: (064) 64535 6653

Email: [email protected]

ABN/Tax Reg. No: 123456789R

Credit Memo No CM1002

Date- 31/01/2003

Your Ref- PO S100

Our Ref- IN1001

Sales Person- John

Job No. –  JB1000

Terms- Cash

Computer Spares Ltd

100 City Road


Melbourne, Victoria 3000


Attention: Mr. Smith

Tel: 9300876

Fax: 93987651

SN# Product ID     Description                              Qty UM        Unit Price       Amount

To adjust IN1001 item 1, being unit

Price overbilled at $2,040.0 ea

Instead of $2,000.00 ea

1 CNB3000          Hewlett-Packard 4281 Notebook  2 ea               $40.00            $80.00

Total before Tax                                                                         $80.00                                                                                                                                                                       Total Tax                                                                                     $8.00

Total after Tax                                                                                                          $88.00


Download Credit Memo Template in Word Format

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