Breakfast Menu Template

June 27, 2011

The breakfast menu template helps us choose the first meal of our day carefully while we visit to a hotel or a restaurant. This template mentions the details of all the food items which are available for breakfast along with their price.

Sample Breakfast Menu Template


For the health conscious people and diet watchers we have

  • Freshly cut fruits like pineapple, watermelon and papaya                   _________
  • Banana                                                                            _________
  • Fruit juice like mango or orange juice                            _________
  • Oatmeal cereals and milk                                                _________
  • Brown bread toast with mixed vegetables                     _________
  • Digestive biscuits                                                             _______

We also serve traditional breakfast items like

  • Bread, butter and jelly                                                  _________
  • Chocos and milk                                                         _________
  • Muffins and fruit cake                                                _________
  • Eggs and bacon                                                           _________
  • Chicken and cheese omelette                                      _________

In our special section, we serve Indian breakfast like

  • Plain Rawa Idli and sambar                                           _________
  • Special Idli                                                                     _________
  • Poha with potatoes                                                        _________
  • Upma                                                                            _________
  • Vermicelli with vegetables                                           _________
  • Dal and parantha                                                         _________

Download Breakfast Menu Template in Word Format


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