Milk Carton Label Template

June 21, 2011

A Milk carton label template represents the label on a milk carton that contains all the important information about that particular milk. Through this kind of label templates the consumers could know about the nutritive values and other details of a particular milk carton they are purchasing.

Sample Milk Carton Label Template

________________________________ [name of the milk given by the company]

Image ___________________________ [logo of the company which has processed and marketed that milk]

Packaging date ____________________________ [date on which the milk is packed]

Expiry date _________________________________ [the date after which the milk will become spoil]

Nutritive value: [mention all the nutritive components contain by the milk along with their proportion approximately in 100 ml milk]

Component                               Proportion [in mg]

1. [Component]                  ________mg

2. [Component]                  ________mg

3. [Component]                  ________mg

4. [Component]                  ________mg

5. [Component]                  ________mg

Price including all service taxes __________ [mention the price of the milk]

Company name ______________ [name of the company who has processed and marketed the milk]

Address _________________ [address of the processing company of milk]

Contact number _________________

Download Milk Carton Label Template in Word Format



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