English Breakfast Menu Template

June 27, 2011

An English breakfast menu template is the format in which a menu is designed in a restaurant serving English food for breakfast. The details mentioned in the template include the name of the restaurant and sometimes the time period between which breakfast is served. The name of different food items and their price is also mentioned along with a brief summary of the recipe of a certain food item.
Sample English Breakfast Menu Template
_________________ [logo of the restaurant]
_______________________ [name of the restaurant]
(Breakfast menu)
Juices:                                                                 Price
Orange juice                                                       ____________________
Grape juice                                                       ____________________
Cranberry juice                                                ____________________
Apple juice                                                       ____________________
Mixed fruit juice                                              ___________________
Fruit salads:
Mixed fruit salad                                             _________________
Mixed fruit salad with cream                        _________________
Cereals (served with milk and honey):
Corn flakes                                                    ________________
Oatmeal                                                         ________________
Muesli                                                           ________________
Scrambled                                                     ________________
Boiled                                                            ________________
Half boiled                                                     ________________
Bacons and sausages:
Fried bacon                                        ___________________
Fried sausages                                    ___________________
Bacon and sausages along with eggs              ___________________
Baked beans:
Baked beans on toast                           _________________
Baked beans with cheese                      __________________
Download English Breakfast Menu Template in Word Format

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