Healthy Breakfast Menu Template

June 27, 2011

A healthy breakfast menu template is the format in which a menu is designed by a restaurant serving food which is good for health and low on fat and carbohydrates. The details mentioned in the template include the name of the restaurant. The name of different food items and their price is also mentioned along with a brief summary of the recipe of a food item.
Sample Healthy Breakfast Menu Template
_________________ [logo of the restaurant]
_______________________ [name of the restaurant]
(We are open from _______________ [opening time] to __________ [closing time])
(Breakfast menu)
Juices:                                                                                                        Price
Orange juice                                                                           _________________
Grape juice                                                                             __________________
Cranberry juice                                                                        ____________________
Apple juice                                                                               _______________
Mixed fruit juice                                                                     ________________
[price in dollars]
Egg dishes:
[name and brief description of the egg dish]                         [price in dollars]

[name and brief description of the sandwich]                        [price in dollars]
All are food items are prepared with olive oil.

Download Healthy Breakfast Menu Template in Word Format

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