Technical Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

A technical presentation template is a plan or layout for technological or executive presentation that serves engineering or any other high tech purpose. It is mainly used by executives in corporate sectors.

Sample Technical Presentation Template

____________________ [Title of presentation]

Name __________________ [name of person giving the presentation]

________________________ [Name of the institute or firm]

Date ________ dd/mm/yyyy______ [date of the presentation]

Goal____________________ [Brief objective of the presentation]

Background ________________________ [Brief background of the presentation]

Basic principle __________________ [main aim of the presentation]

Description _________________________ [processes involved in the presentation]

Main facts [Highlight the main points of the presentation]

______________ [main fact 1]

______________ [main fact 2]

______________ [main fact 3]

______________ [main fact 4]

______________ [main fact 5]

Main figures [highlight the main figures]

________________ [Main figure 1]

________________ [Main figure 2]

________________ [Main figure 3]

________________ [Main figure 4]

________________ [Main figure 5]

Result ____________________ [Final outcome of the project]

Conclusion ________________________ [inference of the presentation]

Download Technical Presentation Template in Word Format


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