Project Plan Template

June 28, 2011

A project plan template is a layout used for the creation of a comprehensive and detailed plan for any project. They will vary with the nature of the project in question. However, all project plan templates must address the key issues of planning and development and must be clear and lucid.

Sample Project Plan Template:

Name: _______________________________ [Name of the project]

Nature of project: _________________________________ [Mention the kind of project whose plan is being conceptualized]

Chief project coordinators:

  • Name 1: ____________________________ experience: ______________________
  • Name 2: ____________________________ experience: ______________________
  • Name 3: ____________________________ experience: _______________________

[Enlist the names and work experience of the chief project developers]

Duration of project: ____________________________________ months [Mention the number of months within which the project is likely to be completed]

Approximate budget: _____________$ [Provide an approximate budget for the project including a detailed breakup of costs for the various stages]

First preview: _________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Provide the estimated date]

Contact for more details: ____________________________ [Provide the relevant contact number]

Download Project Plan Template in Word Format


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