Logo Presentation Template

June 29, 2011

The logo of a company or institution must outline the chief distinctive features and ideals that company or institution embodies. Hence, a logo presentation template must focus on these areas and also provide details like production cost and design particulars.

Sample Logo Presentation Template

Name of designer[s]: _________________________________


[Mention the relevant details along with an image of the logo]

The symbolic significance of the logo: _____________________________________________________

[Mention how the logo is in sync with the objectives of the company or institution and why it is, thus, extremely symbolic]

Time needed for designing the logo: ___________________________________ [Mention the number of days for the completion of this design]

Production and design cost: ________________________________________________________

[Clearly outline the total cost of the design, providing a breakup of production cost if necessary]

How this logo will be timeless and ideal for the qualities the company symbolizes: _____________________________________________________

[Mention why the logo will prove to be durable, clearly structuring your argument]

Download Logo Presentation Template in Word Format


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