School Presentation Template

June 29, 2011

A school presentation template defines the format in which a student prepares his academic presentation. This type of template contains the topic of the template its contents and other relevant details.

Sample School Presentation Template

Name of student: ___________________________________________________

Topic of presentation: _________________________________________________

[Fill in the relevant details]

Our aim in choosing this topic: ________________________________________________________________________ [Mention your objectives in presenting this topic]

The amount and sources of research we will use for this presentation: ________________________________________________________________________ [Give your method of advancing in some detail, highlighting the resources you have used]

Contribution of individual team member:

Team member A: _______________________________________________________________

Team member B: _______________________________________________________________

Team member C: _______________________________________________________________

[Mention the contribution of individual members, elucidating their areas of interest as well]

What we hope to achieve through this presentation: _________________________________________________

[Provide a comprehensive account of how your presentation will add to the body of knowledge of a field or discipline, and what you will learn while completing it]

Download School Presentation Template in Word Format

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