Teamwork Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

A teamwork presentation must show a great degree of coordination among team members and also clearly elucidate the division of responsibilities. Thus a teamwork presentation template must keep these considerations in mind.

Sample Teamwork Presentation Template

Names of team members: ________________________________________________

Name/Topic of presentation: ______________________________________________

[Mention the relevant details]

Delegation of responsibility:

Team member A: _________________________________________

Team member B: _________________________________________

Team member C: _________________________________________

[Give a brief outline of the contribution of each member to the total project]

Expected time of completion of the project: ______________________________ [Mention the expected time of completion in days]

Our purpose in presenting this project: _________________________________________________________Briefly outline the aims and objectives the team intends to meet with this project]

Resources to be used: _______________________________ [Outline the resources that will be used by the team to complete their project]

Funding required: $__________________________________ [Mention the amount of capital needed for the execution of the project]

The areas of strength of each member: ________________________________________________________ [Mention relevant details]

Download Teamwork Presentation Template in Word Format


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