Thesis Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

A thesis presentation involves an outline of the research intended as well as the relevance of the project to the discipline under whose aegis it falls. Thus a thesis presentation template must focus on these key issues.

Sample Thesis Presentation Template

Name of candidate: ______________________________________

Topic of research: _______________________________________

[Mention the relevant details]

Reason for choosing this particular topic: _____________________________________________ [Give a reason for choosing the specific topic]

Reasons for it being an innovative and an unexplored subject in this field of study: _____________________________________________________ [Mention certain objectives that you want your thesis to embody]

Approximate duration of the completion of thesis: __________________________________________

[Mention the time span including research and actual work, in years]

Academic background and my previous projects and papers dealing with this area of research: __________________________________________

[Briefly outline your academic background and list the important papers of journals you have contributed to]

Number of words: ______________________________________________________ [Give an approximate reckoning of the number of words of your thesis]

Download Thesis Presentation Template in Word Format


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