Product Backlog Template

June 29, 2011

The Product Backlog is the main list of all the desirability needed in the product. When using merchandise, it is not needed to start a scheme with a long, forthright effort to file all requirements. Classically, a product team and its owner start by writing down the whole thing they can suppose easily. This is always more than adequate for a primary sprint. The Product Backlog is then authorized to grow and alter as more is known about the product and its clientele.

Sample Product Backlog Template

Priority________________________ (high / very high / low / medium)

Item number ______________________ (serial no of item)

Description______________________ (product description by the developers)

Estimate_____________________ (as given by the developers)

By __________________ (company name that has developed the product)

Quality variance _________________________ (difference in quality of different products)

Risk Assessment of product ___________________________________ (assessment of risk in production)

Viscosity ______________________________ (criteria of readiness or quality of product)

Transparency of product_____________________________________ (the amount of information that one has regarding the current product)

Download Product Backlog Template in Word Format


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