Risk Management Plan Template

June 28, 2011

A risk management plan template is a layout for the designing of a risk management plan. A risk management plan can be created by a company while assessing the risk factors of a new project or by an investment banker for high profile clients. Depending on its nature, they are of different kinds and must be created accordingly.

Sample Risk Management Plan Template:

Company: _______________________________ [Name of the company]

Year of establishment: _________________________ [Mention the relevant year]

Name of project: ________________________________ [Provide the name of the specific project for which risk management is being conducted]

Purpose of risk management plan: _______________________ [Enumerate the advantages of the risk management plan]

Results of SWOT analysis: ______________________________________ [Provide details of the risk assessment that has been conducted to assess strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities]

Potential risk areas of the project:

  • Risk 1: ____________________________
  • Risk 2: ____________________________
  • Risk 3: ____________________________ [Mention the relevant areas of concern]

Inferences drawn from risk management plan: _____________________________ [Mention the conclusions drawn from the analysis done]

Download Risk Management Plan Template in Word Format


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