Product Comparison Template

June 29, 2011

A product comparison, as the name suggests, is a contrasting and differentiation of products which belong to the same category. It is mainly done to bring to the fore front the benefits of one product over another. It also brings forth the difference in features and the reasons why one is better than the other.

Sample Product Comparison Template

Product name 1 __________________________

Product name 2 ______________________________

Company name 1 ____________________________

Company name 2 ______________________ (if both belong to separate companies)

Product details ________________ (description of both products)

Price____________ (cost of both products to compare the lower price)

Rating ________________ (product rating of both products)

Dimensions of product _________ (comparison of dimensions of both products)

Weight ____________ (mass of both products)

Popularity _______________ (brings forth the user’s views of both products)

Specifications_____________ (materials used to manufacture the products)

Features __________ (the main highlights of the products)

Utilities ____________ (the usefulness of the products are highlighted)

Download Product Comparison Template in Word Format


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