Book Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A book proposal template is a document drafted when an individual puts forward his proposal to publish a book written by him to a publishing house. The template contains details like the title and the genre of the book. The template also has a brief story of the book and also number of pages the book contains.
Sample Book Proposal Template
________________ [title of the book]
By ___________________ [name of the author]
I, ____________ [name of the author] have written a book on _____________ [subject of the book] which I would like to publish in your publishing house.  The story is about:
[Brief summary of the story of the book]
The target readers for this book are from the age group of ______________________ to _______________
I can assure you that after reading ___________ [title of the book] readers will be motivated in life. The total numbers of chapters are ______________ and total numbers of pages are _____________.
Download Book Proposal Template in Word Format

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