Service Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A service proposal template is the format of a business proposal when an individual or an organization proposes to offer its service to another individual or organization. This documents usually has details about the type of service to be offered and the cost (if any) of offering the service.
Sample Service Proposal Template
___________________ [logo of the organization]
_______________________ [name of the organization]
Proposal number: _____________
_________________ [street address of office]
_______________ [city name] ________________ [state name] ___________ [postal code]
Dated: __________ [date of preparing the proposal]
We at ______________ [name of the organization proposing service] would like to inform you that we specialize in providing exceptional _______________ ________________________ [type of service provided]
We are ready to offer you these services at a ________________ [cost of offering the service in dollars].  In order to know more about us you can visit our website _________________ [website address]. We are looking forward to an association with you.

Download Service Proposal Template in Word Format

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