Thesis Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A thesis proposal template is a formal document which is drafted when an individual put forward a request to make a thesis on a certain topic. This document is usually drafted by students who is doing research work and the template contains details like the topic of the thesis, brief summary of the thesis and the references from which the material of the thesis has been taken.
Sample Thesis Proposal Template
Thesis Topic: _______________________________ [topic of the thesis]
Name of the university under which thesis is completed_______________________ [name of the University]
Thesis done by: __________________ [name of the student]
Course Pursued: _____________________ [course being pursued by him]
______________________ [batch number]
Roll No: ________________ [roll number of the student]
____________________________________ [name of the department]
____________________________ [name of the supervisor or professor]
Introduction of the topic
[Give the details regarding the topic]
Background of the Thesis:
[Background and history of the topic]
[the process of justifying the topic]
[Conclusion of the topic]
[The various chapters and parts the thesis is divided into]
[The basic requirements for research work]
[The books or materials used for reference]

Download Thesis Proposal Template in Word Format

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