Funding Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A funding proposal must clearly outline the details of the contract as well as ensure transparency and clarity on all levels. Thus, a funding proposal template involves a detailed account of the financial technicalities as well as the details of the parties involved.
Sample Funding Proposal Template
Name of company bidding for a funding proposal: _____________________ [hereby referred to as Company A]
Name of company and project which requires funding: _________________ [hereby referred to as Company B]
[Give relevant details]
Details of the finances involved, with requisite breakup: ______________________________________________________ [Mention clearly, with proper breakup, the amount of the funding involved]
Reasons for bidding for this contract: _________________________________________________________ [Mention details of the benefits of being associated with Company B]
Our definitive edge which places us in an advantage over competition: __________________________________________________________
[Give a lucid account of past achievements and reasons for success]
Our vision and its relevance with the proposed project for which funding is required: _________________________________________________________
[Mention relevant details]

Download Funding Proposal Template in Word Format

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