Service Level Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

Agreement Number: _____________

Date: ____/_____/_____ [legitimate registration number & date]

This service level agreement is commenced between ______________ [name of the service provider company], location: _______________, PIN: ____________ hereinafter referred as the service provider company


Name of the organization: _________________

Address: _______________________________

Phone Number: __________________________ hereinafter referred as the client organization. [Fill the required details of both the companies]

The service provider company is agreed to provide the following services:


________________ [give the details of required services]

The client organization will pay $ ____________ [purchasing amount] amount for purchasing the services once in___________ [mention the time period] weeks/month.

This service level agreement is valid from ___/____/___ and is ending on: ____/____/___ [mention the effective dates]

Service level agreement is accepted by both the parties:

Signature of the service provider company:


Singed by the client organization:

_____________ [approval of both the parties]

Singed by the third party:

________________ [signature of the witness]

Download Service Level Agreement Template In Word Format

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