Sample Contract agreement template:

May 31, 2011

Contract agreement number: ______________ [enter the registration number]

This contract agreement is produced and entered on ____/_____/_____ [registration date]


Name of the Organization: _____________

Location: ___________________________

Phone Number: ______________________

URL: ______________________________ hereinafter referred as the seller organization.


Name of the Firm: __________________

Address: __________________________

Contact Number: ___________________

Website: _________________________ hereinafter referred as the buyer organization. [Give the name and contact details of both the parties]

This contract agreement is commenced for the following product requirements:


___________- [give the name of products]

The seller organization has received an amount of $ ___________ [amount in the local currency] for above mentioned products, whereas the buyer organization will pay $_________ [fixed amount] on every purchase.

The contract agreement is effective from ___/____/____ and is terminating on ____/____/____ [mention the required dates]

Validation of contract agreement:

Singed by the seller organization: _________

Signed by the Buyer organization: _________ [approval of both the parties]

Signature of the Solicitor: _____________ [approval of the lawyer]

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