Purchase Offer Template

June 30, 2011

A purchase offer is a document that indicates the terms of purchase as well as the price of the product. Buyers willing to purchase a product create this agreement to be presented to the seller for consideration. It must also indicate the price that buyer is willing to offer. Shown below is a sample purchase offer template.

Sample Purchase Offer Template

This property situated on and together with a lot of land containing ___________ located at ______________________ described in the _____________________________
I hereby offer to purchase the aforementioned property for total amount of __________ purchase price _______________ based on the following terms and conditions
Terms of offer
Initial deposit ________________
First loan ___________________
Additional _________________
Balance ___________________
Offer expiration
The parties herein shall execute a _________________ form which will fully memorialize the terms and conditions between the two parties.
Signature __________________ Date _____________________

Download Purchase Offer Template in Word Format

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