Purchase Order Form Template

June 30, 2011

A purchase order form template is used to create a written sales contract between a buyer and seller. It shows the products or services that have been transferred to the buyer. The terms and conditions between the buyer and the seller are often indicated in the purchase order. Businesses can follow the purchase order form template shown below.

Sample Purchase Order Template

Company Name
Company Slogan
Name ________________
Address ______________
State, city, zip code ______
Phone number ___________
Ship to
Name ________________
Address ______________
State, city, zip code ______
Phone number ___________
P.O Date          Requisitioner     Shipped via           F.O.B Point                Terms
_________  ___________   ___________  _____________   _________
Quantity            Unit                      Description     Unit Price                     Total
__________  _________  __________       ___________       _________
Send all correspondence to
Name _________________________________
Address _______________________________
State, City, Zip code _____________________
Phone number __________________________
Fax ___________________________________
Authorized by _____________________ Date __________________

Download Purchase Order Form Template in Word Format

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