Purchase Order Template

June 30, 2011

A purchase order template allows businesses to create a template that can be used when sending out purchase orders to customers. It makes it easier and faster since they do not have to create new purchase orders each time they need to make a purchase order. Rather, the purchase order template will be customized and sent to particular customers. Shown below is a sample purchase order template.

Sample Purchase Order Template

Customer Name _________________________
Company Name _________________________
Customer ID ____________________________
Address ________________________________
State, city, zip code _______________________
Phone number ___________________________
Fax ____________________________________
Email ___________________________________
Vendor Name ______________________
Company Name _____________________
Address ___________________________
State, city, zip code ___________________
Phone Number _______________________
Requisite          Ship via                                 F.O.B                           Shipping Terms
___________  ____________________   __________________   _______________
Item                    Description             Quantity               Unit Price            Total
_________  __________  __________   ____________  ___________
Special Instructions
Authorized By ________________ Date _________________

Download Purchase Order Template in Word Format

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