Purchase Policy Template

June 30, 2011

Purchasing policies are characteristically a division of a company’s by and large operations manual. It will explain the reason for the policy, limits placed on workers, responsibility of purchase department workers and other exact procedures or manners. The purchase policy template is so designed that it contains the complete and essential details regarding policies of purchase.

Sample Purchase Policy Template

Company name ______________ (name of the company)
Address ____________ (address of the company)
Date of issue ___________ (issuing date of policy)
Department in charge ______________ (the department responsible for the policy)
Policy statement of purchasing _________________________ (statement having the conditions of purchase)
Buyer’s responsibilities ______________________ (charges given to the buyer)
User and department responsibilities ____________________ (duties of the department in charge of purchasing)
Policy statement for ethics of purchasing ___________________ (ethics of purchasing are outlined)
Procedure for resolving conflicts __________________ (process to be followed in case of conflict)
Code of ethics _________________ (the ethics code for purchasing)

Download Purchase Policy Template in Word Format

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