Purchase Order Tracking Template

June 30, 2011

A purchase order tracking template is a document sent to a dealer or vendor, permitting shipment of a manufactured goods to the purchaser at a particular price and conditions. The formation of a purchase order tracking creates a lawfully binding bond which cannot be distorted without the permission of both groups.

Sample Purchase Order Tracking Template

Name and address of company 1 ________________ (buyer of product)
Name and address of company2_____________ (supplier of product)
Item number ____________ (the serial number of a particular product)
Quantity _______________ (No of a particular product ordered)
Overview ____________ (short description of product ordered)
Part number _____________ (part number of the particular goods)
Unit price _______________ (Price of one item)
Total price _____________ (total price of all items)
Required date _____________ (date of supply of the goods by supplier)
Quote number ______________ (quote number of product)
Tax _______________ (tax on all the products ordered)
Signature of buyer _____________________
Date _______________________

Download Purchase Order Tracking Template in Word Format

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