Purchase Order Letter Template

June 30, 2011

A purchase order letter is a business letter issued by a purchaser indicating type, quantities, and decided prices for goods the retailer will give. Sending a purchase order letter to a dealer constitutes a lawful offer to purchase products. Recognition of a purchase order letter template usually forms an agreement between the buyer and seller.

Sample Purchase Order Letter Template

Company and Address_____________
To Dear _____________ (Name of addressee),
Kindly agree to this purchase order for the subsequent:
Quantity _____________ (Total no of each product)
Product_______________ (name and short description of goods)
Unit Price______________ (price of each particular good)
Total__________________ (total cost of each item)
We want shipment by Date __________ (Due date of delivery of goods)
Name and address _______________ (name and address of the purchasing company)
This order is ___________ (purchase order number). For further discussion contact at __________ (phone number of head of purchasing).
Yours Sincerely,
Name_________________ (Name of head of purchasing)

Download Purchase Order Letter Template in Word Format

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